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Username: PornDudeCasting
Location: USA
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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If you’ve never heard of me, I’ll forgive you, but you’re a little bit late to the party. Since 2013, I’ve been fap-testing all the world’s great porn sites, not to mention some of the worst, and catalog my experiences over at
The site has since grown to be the most popular online smut directory on the web, with thousands of website reviews and millions of daily visitors. If you’re into jacking off, chances are you’ve passed through a time or two on your way to free blowjob tubes, hentai forums, and premium Asian paysites.
What do you get when you spend every waking minute for nearly a decade living off a steady diet of dirty movies and boner pills? The world’s worst case of blue balls and an intimate knowledge of what makes for a good porno. I’d be a damn fool not to flex this pornographic know-how while getting some hands-on relief for my overflowing nuts. Hey, as much as I love cranking it to fuck flicks, I love making them even more!

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