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Username: SecretCuckoldingBitch
Sexual Orientation: Bi-Sexual

A little about me...

To my husband John, family, friends and neighbours I'm a conservative (small 'c'), respectable vanilla housewife and mother. But when John is at work or away on business, I'm the secret, cuckolding, bisexual bitch that fucks for cash - and sometimes just for kicks.

Interests: From sensual massage and skilled lovemaking to hardcore, bareback rough gang fucking I love it all. All races, men, women, transexuals, dogs, horses, pigs - I love the variety and get a kick out of the shock and awe of people watching me. And the best part is that my limp-dicked, ineffectual husband John doesn't have a clue!

This is my playground where I intend to express my more extreme and taboo tastes in playlists. Slam that cock in bare, hard and deep, stretch them and fill that hot cunt with cum!


For those who contacted me privately, let me set the record straight: I'm bored by dick sucking and dildoing. Guys - if you want my attention I want to see you bareback and deep in your bitch (human or beast) giving her the good, hard fucking she deserves; girls - likewise I want to see you mounted (by guys or beasts) and taking a big cock bare, hard and deep with a creampie (none of this wasteful bukkake shit). And anything outdoors or with an audience gets my special attention. OK?

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