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Username: SecretCuckoldingBitch
Sexual Orientation: Bi-Sexual

A little about me...

(Just found this John? Read it and weep!)

To my husband John, family, friends and neighbours I'm a conservative (small 'c'), respectable vanilla housewife and mother. But when John is at work or away on business, I'm the secret, cuckolding, bisexual bitch that fucks for cash - and sometimes just for kicks.

It's a stress relief. I'm insatiable. Over the years I've earned tens of thousands marketing myself as a high class e.s.c.o.r.t to rich men and elegant women and (when the mood takes me) as a cheap whoring bitch who will fuck anything, anywhere and anytime. From sensual massage and skilled lovemaking to hardcore, bareback, rough gang fucking I love it all. All races, men, women, transexuals, dogs, horses, pigs - they've all been deep and bare in that cunt you see in my avatar. I love the variety and get a kick out of the shock and awe of people watching me. And the best part is that my limp-dicked, ineffectual husband John doesn't have a clue!

Oh and by the way, John - our son and daughter have joined me in the business. They had a great teacher and years of practice, of course... ;)

This LuxureTV account is my playground where I intend to express my more extreme and taboo tastes in playlists.

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For those who contact me privately, let me set the record straight: I'm bored by dick pics. And I don't have time for fantasist DMs. Show me that you are serious and active in the lifestyle or your message will be ignored and deleted -

Guys - if you want my attention I want to see you bareback and deep in your bitch's cunt (Mom, sister, friend, wife or beast) giving her the good, hard fucking she deserves. >> DM me the link to pics or vids of this.

Girls - likewise, I want to see you mounted (Dad, brother, friend, husband or beast) and taking a big cock bare, hard and deep - preferably with a creampie (none of this wasteful bukkake shit).

Guys and girls - anything outdoors or with an audience gets my special attention. OK? >> Again - DM me the link to pics or vids of this.

Any intro DM without the above proof of lifestyle will be deleted.

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